Alert log

The Alert log page allows you to view log messages generated by rules. To access this page, navigate to Administration > Resource Monitor > Alert log.

You can filter the alert log messages displayed in the Alert log table based on the following alert log types and time period:

  • Show error: Show log messages of type Error.
  • Show warning: Show log messages of type Warning.
  • Show good: Show log messages of type Good.
  • Display alert logs for: Select a time period, such as, All, Today, Last 7 days, from the list for which to display alert logs.

Example of the Alert log page

Viewing the Alert log table

The Alert log table lists all the alerts generated by the resource monitor and displays the following information for each alert:

Log type icon

Displays a color coded icon for the alert.

  • Green: Good
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Error
AlertName of the alert rule
DateThe date on which the alert rule was created
View alert entitiesClick to view the table with a list of alert entities and the alert reason for the error (red) and warning (yellow) alert logs.

Viewing alert entity details

To view details about all domains and entities affected by the alert rule, click  in the last column of the Alert log table. The page containing the alert entities information is displayed.

The details page displays the following elements:

Alert entitiesTable

Displays the following information:

  • Entity type: An icon depicting the Entity type.
  • Name: Name of the entity affected by the alert rule.
  • Alert: Color coded icon depicting the severity.
Alert reasonTable

Displays the following information for all entities in a Warning (Yellow) or Error (Red) state. It does not display entities in a Good (green) state.

  • System: Name of the affected entity.
  • Period: The time period over which the the alert has been calculated. For example, Last 30 days.
  • Severity: Critical or Warning.
  • Description: A brief description of the problem with the entity.
  • Recommended actions: Actions to resolve the problem.

For more information, see Viewing vSphere Recommendations.

The following image shows an example of the Alert entity details page.

Alert entity details

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