Additional utilities of Gateway Server

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization installs the following additional utilities on your computer:

UtilityInstalled inDescription
Look Start menuWith this application. you can view gathered collector information. This includes every group in collector input queues, or specified groups. Other queues that Look displays are timer queues, policy registration queues, and agent registration queues. You can output to a text file for easier viewing. Additionally, you can use Look to view supported metric groups on any platform independent of the platform on which your system runs. For example, you can run Look on Solaris and view supported metric groups for Windows. In addition, you can detect missing .mt files or view more details for any shared memory problems.
MtFileCreation (Windows) %BEST1_HOME%\bgs\bin or (Linux) $BEST1_HOME/bgs/binThis application lets you create separate MetricTable.mgt and*.mt files or one MgtMt.file in a specified directory. These files can reside in any directory and are used with Investigate.
UDRviewer (Windows) %BEST1_HOME%\bgs\bin or (Linux) $BEST1_HOME/bgs/binThis application lets you view UDR data, as well as display the data in various modes. These modes include summarizing spills and/or intervals, displaying queue headers, testing for data corruption, and displaying computer information for each computer in a repository.
remoteHistoryConfig(Windows) %BEST1_HOME%\bgs\bin or (Linux) $BEST1_HOME/bgs/bin

This command lets you enable or disable agent history remotely post-installation.

Usage: remoteHistoryConfig [-n node  -q | -e | -d | -D]
        -n node  - remote agent node
        -q       - query existing agent history configuration
        -e       - enable agent history
        -d       - disable agent history
        -D       - disable agent history and delete existing history files

Consider the following example,

To query the current Investigate History Status on the remote node ABC, run the following command:
remoteHistoryConfig -n ABC -q
Info : history disabled on node :ABC

To enable the history, run the following command:

remoteHistoryConfig -n ABC -e
Info : history enabled on node :ABC

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