Adding system and business driver entities to a domain

Systems and business drivers are either created automatically by ETL connectors used to import data into BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, or manually by authorized users.

Adding a system or business driver to a domain, either manually or by running a connector, is a way to create a parent-child relationship between the domain and the added entity. To understand the effect of creating and breaking relationships manually versus automatically, see Hierarchies.

To add entities to a domain

  1. Access one of the domains by navigating to Workspace > All Domains.
  2. Click Systems (or Business drivers) showing under the selected domain on the left navigation tree.
  3. In the detail page on the right, click Add. On the wizard displayed, click Next.
  4. Select one of the available creation modes:
    • Create a new system (or business driver): Allows you to create a new entity from scratch.
    • Import existing system (or business driver): Allows you to import an existing entity into the domain.
    • Derive a new system (or business driver) from existing resources: Allows you to create an entity that will be the parent of a derivation hierarchy; for more information, see Hierarchies.
  5. Depending on your choice, follow the guided procedure provided by the wizard, as detailed in the following sections:
  6. Click Finish to create the new system (or business driver).

Where to go from here

After adding new entities to a domain, you might want to perform one of the following actions:

View automatic analyses for the configured entities

Run a quick analysis on the available metrics

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