Adding and viewing thresholds

The Thresholds page for a selected resource displays a Thresholds table in the Administration > Resource Monitor section of the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization console that contains the following information:

Thresholds table: Description of columns



Add thresholdClick the button to Add a threshold.
Entity iconAn icon depicting the type of entity. For more information, see Entity types.


Type of metric for which the threshold is to be set.

ScopeCan be either Global or System specific.

System/business driver type

The type of system on which the threshold is to be set, for example, KVM host, Solaris.

System/business driver name

Name of the system.

Domain name

Name of the domain the system belongs to.

Good Threshold

Good threshold value (in percentage) for the metric.

Warn Threshold

Warn threshold value (in percentage) for the metric. If this value is arrived at, or exceeded, you will be warned.

Limit Resource

The upper bound for the resource.

Edit threshold

Clicking on will open a page where you can edit threshold settings for the selected metric.

Delete threshold

Clicking on will delete threshold settings for the selected metric.

The following figure shows an example of the Thresholds page:

Thresholds page

To add a threshold

To add a threshold for a resource, perform the following task:

  1. Go to Administration > Resource Monitor > Thresholds, click Add Threshold and enter the following information:
    1. Select structure: Select any one – 
      1. System: Select a System structure type and an associated Metric.
      2. Business Driver: Select a Business Drivers structure type and an associated Metric.
    2. Metric: Select a metric from the metric picker control. Metrics are grouped by Resource type, and these groups can be collapsed. Click on a group title to expand it and to select a metric from within it. Click again to collapse it. You can use the search box right above the control to search for a particular metric. The following figure shows an example of the metric picker:

    3. Select system: Select any one –
      1. All Systems: All available systems.
      2. Specific system: Specific system selected from the system selector control.
      3. All systems of a given type: On clicking this option a list is displayed. Select one of the items from this list.
    4. Select Domain: Select any one –
      1. All domains: All available domains.
      2. All systems of a given domain: Specific domain selected from from the domain selector control.
    5. Value: Select any one and choose a value from the drop-down list –
      1. Fixed value: A fixed Good and Warn threshold value, measured in Operations/second.
      2. Based on limit metric: A Good and Warn threshold value based on limit metrics, measured in percentage of limit metric.
    6. Good Threshold: Enter a Good threshold for this resource.
    7. Warn Threshold: Enter a Warn threshold for this resource.


      A value will be considered:

      • Good, if it is lesser than 'Good threshold.'
      • Warn, if it lies between 'Good threshold' and 'Warn threshold.'
      • Poor, if it is greater than 'Warn threshold.'
  2. Click Save.

The following figure shows an example of the Add threshold page.

The Add threshold page


If both Global and System Specific thresholds are set for a resource, the System Specific threshold setting overrides the Global threshold setting.

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