Adding and viewing placement rules for reservation items

Create and manage Placement Rules that enforce user-defined criteria based on tags during placement of Reservation items into the Reservation Target. For example, a template with tag "FastStorage" should be placed on a Reservation Target with tag "Gold".

Refer to the following sections for details on adding and viewing Placement Rules:

Adding a Placement Rule

Click (plus) Add Placement Rule and enter the following details to create a new placement rule. Placement rules can be used as a constraint to enforce placement of items that have a specific tag to a Reservation Target.

  1. Type a Name, and Description for the Placement Rule.
  2. Select the Rule Type. You can either Specified tag value to specify individual tags for matching or Matching tag value.


    Select Specified tag value to select all Reservation items with a specific tag type and place them on the Reservation Target with a specific tag type. The Tag field will not be available if this option is selected.

  3. Select the Rule Status.
  4. From the When at least one selected reservation item has: field, select the Tag type and tag value that will be used to select the Reservation items that will be placed on the Reservation Target. You can not select a tag value if the Rule Type is set to Matching tag value.
  5. From the Show all reservation targets have:, select the Tag type and tag value that will be used to identify the Reservation Target where the Reservation items that match the selected tags will be placed. You can not select a tag value if the Rule Type is set to Matching tag value.

Viewing Placement Rules

You can view, edit, delete, and enable/disable placement rules from the Placement Rules table.


The HA/DR compatibility rule is available out-of-the-box and can be enabled to ensure that items with HA/DR tag are placed on Viewing the details of reservation targets with the same tag. Click the Name to view details and use the toggle button to enable/disable the rule.

NameName of the placement rule.
DescriptionBrief description entered for the placement rule.
Edit / DeleteClick or to edit or delete the corresponding Placement Rule.
Enable / Disable

indicates that the Placement Rule is disabled, whereas indicates that the Placement Rule is enabled.

Click the button to change the status. If you disable a Placement Rule, it will not be considered during the placement of Reservation items.

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