Working with the Dashboard Wizard

The key steps to creating a dashboard are:

  • Knowing what information is to be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Creating the view collections.
  • Creating the dashboard itself with the view collections.

The Dashboard Wizard provides an intuitive way to create and modify dashboard templates and instances.

In order to prevent the potential loss of any data/work when customizing an existing dashboard view using the Dashboard Wizard, you should make sure any components configured in the existing view are added or copied to a new tab in the dashboard view before using the wizard. Once the new view is generated, the components you moved to the new tab will be accessible and can be moved back to the main tab where they can be reconfigured as required.


View collections must be setup before using the Dashboard Wizard to create custom dashboards. See Working with view collections.

You can also create a dashboard instance, as described in Creating a dashboard instance with the Dashboard Wizard.

This section includes:

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