Verifying the installation

Following installation and configuration of the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) product, verify that it is ready for use. You can choose between the following verification options:

If a problem occurs

To repair an existing TMTM installation, contact BMC Support.

To perform a quick verification

If the answer to each of the following two questions is yes, your client and services installation is verified.

  • Do Services start without error?
  • Do the clients (Management Console) start as expected?

To access the Management Console and verify the active agent and extensions

  1. To verify that the services are running, launch and log into the Management Console, as described in Accessing the Management Console
    If you can log in, the services are running.
  2. If objects are visible in the explorer pane of the Management Console, the database is properly configured.
  3. Selecting an object in the explorer pane and open a view. If the information in the view changes, the agent is sending updates to the Management Console.
  4. In the explorer pane, expand TMTM network hosts and select the node on which the agent and extension are located. A view opens that shows the host name on which the agent is located, the status when the last update occurred, and other information as shown in the table below.


    Example and description


    machineA. Name of the agent machine.




    Agent Connected. Possible values for Agent Status are:

    Agent Connected

    Agent Not Connected

    Agent Unresponsive

    LastPingTimestampFri Sep 12 16:24:07.23156 2008. The time TMTM Topic Service sent the last ping.
    LastEchoReceiptTimestampFri Sep 12 16:24:08.20012 2008. The time the TMTM Topic Service received the last echo from the agent.
    LastPingRoundTripDurationSec0.96856 seconds.

    968560 microseconds. LastEchoReceiptTimestamp minus LastPingTimestamp in seconds and micro seconds.


    Fri Sep 12 15:53:13.390055 2008. Date - time - year.

    Agent VersionAgent name and version.
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