Validate the message format

Click Validate to have validates the message format. Any errors appear in a Validation Failures list.

The validation process only verifies that the information required by is provided. Checked specifically are the following:

  • The message name must be unique and not left blank.
  • The message format must be selected.
  • At least one field must be defined in a message format.
  • Field names within a message format must be unique.

Validate does not verify the information itself as correct, nor does it verify if the information provided is what is required by your environment.

For custom message formats, the following rules also apply:

  • Field Names within a message format can be used to define the Byte Length or Repeat value in another field, but only if the field name being used to define the Byte Length or Repeat is constructed as follows:
  • Field Type = Numeric
  • Physical Type = Binary
  • Byte Length = 1, 2 or 4
  • Repeat = 1
  • Only the last field in a message format can have Repeat = All.

For message formats XML, MQRFH2, and MRM, the following rule also applies:

  • The XML Path field must be completed in and in accordance with XPath conventions.

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