Using the Navigation tabs

This section describes navigation tabs and trees.

Navigation tabs

User navigation tabs appear at the bottom of the explorer in the Operations, History and Events tabs and in Display Item tree pop-up dialog boxes. All four locations show the same tabs depending on security settings. Navigation tabs provide a quick and convenient way to access the most used views without going through the physical or logical trees. An administrator can arrange navigation tabs for user groups to reduce navigation time.

User navigation tabs are drawn from existing physical and logical hierarchies. A node in a physical or logical hierarchy is represented by a navigation node in a navigation tab. Anything that is true of the logical or physical node is also true of the navigation node.

Two types of navigation tabs are available:

  • User tabs: user tabs are tabs you create for yourself. They cannot be seen by other users or groups.
  • Group tabs: group tabs are assigned to security groups. They are visible to all users in the assigned security group. They do not appear to users who do not belong to the group.

For information about how to create or modify groups, see Defining user access and security settings

See also Managing navigation tabs.

Navigation trees

A navigation tree is a user-made tree of nodes usually constructed to contain often used or observed monitoring nodes. See also Managing navigation trees

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