Upgrading the core components of the product

The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor installation program upgrades the core components, which includes the services and clients, and can detect an existing installation. After navigating the wizard-like program that prompts you for required upgrade parameters, the program upgrades and updates the services and clients.Following the automated portion of the upgrade you will need to run a utility to update the database data.

Following the upgrade of the core components you can upgrade the Extensible Agent and extensions. 

Upgrade process

Step Reference 
Review the system requirements for the new version of the product. System requirements and product compatibility 
Ensure that your current environment supports a direct upgrade to the new version of the product. Supported upgrade paths 
Review and complete any required preinstallation activities. Preparing to upgrade the core components 
Run the installation program to upgrade the services and clients and configure Active Directory, if required for your environment.Performing core components upgrade
Upgrade the database.

Upgrade options

During an upgrade of the the core components, you can choose from the following options: 

  • Overwrite: Overwrites all existing configuration information. Choosing this option has the same effect as uninstalling and reinstalling the product.
  • Update: Upgrades your program files and retains your existing settings information (upgrading only the executable files, physical views, default event and history templates, and reports). The content of the configuration files is retained and you do not need to reconfigure the product or recreate users and groups. 

When upgrading, permission to access the BTM tab is not automatically granted to any group. You must explicitly grant this permission or the tab will not appear on the Management Console.

During the upgrade, the installation program saves a set of files in InstallDir\upgrade_backup\archive.zip.

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