Upgrading the product requires that you upgrade the core components, which includes the services and clients, followed by the agents and agent extensions. The following topics describe each phase of the upgrade process and supported upgrade paths:


If you are upgrading from 8.0.01 or 8.1 and using the default/Flat directory layout, the upgrade process is basically to unzip the upgrade file, which then writes over the originals but does not touch customized files, including start/stop scripts. From version 8.0, TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor includes the discovery and policies features, it means you no longer need to replace the eaa.xml file after deploying a new version of the agent, but this is an important file, and you must not remove it. If you decide relocate the agent and extension directories, you must make sure to copy the eaa.xml file to the new location.

However, if you are upgrading from a version prior to 8.0.01, BMC recommends you start again from scratch with the default layout. These earlier versions of the product include many now redundant files. If for some reason you cannot use bootstrap/default layout, please contact BMC Support (the footprint of the default layout is much larger than in previous versions (including mandatory JREs)).


The Active Directory Only mode (also known as Legacy mode) security configuration that was available in earlier versions of the product is no longer supported for new installations or upgrades.

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