Uninstalling the Apache Web Server BTM extension

  1. Open the file httpd.conf in a text editor. httpd.conf is located in the Apache installation directory.
  2. Find the section LoadModules and remove the following line:
    • Windows:
      • LoadModule btmapache modules/mod_btmapache_2_0.dll

      • LoadModule btmapache modules/mod_btmapache_2_2.dll
    • UNIX:
  3. Find the section DocumentRoot and remove the following lines:

    btmGroup group
    btmBufferSize 8388608
  4. Find the section <Directory/> and remove the following lines:

    SetInputfilter btm-input
    SetOutputfilter btm-output
    btmMode filter
  5. Restart the Apache Web Server for the changes to take effect.

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