Uninstalling the Agent

This section defines the steps required for removing the agent. If you are reinstalling or upgrading refer to Updating or upgrading the agent installation. These steps do not preserve any files.

  1. Stop stand-alone extensions. See Running performance and availability monitoring extensions and Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions.
  2. Stop the technologies with embedded extensions and follow the removal steps for each of these extensions.
  3. Stop the TMTM Configuration Agent if installed. See Basic command parameters to control the TMTM Configuration Agent.
  4. Stop the TMTM Extensible Agent. See Basic command parameters for controlling the TMTM Extensible Agent.
  5. If you have startup scripts, deactivate them.
  6. On Windows, uninstall the TMTM Extensible Agent and stand-alone extensions as Windows services.

    qpea --remove
    qpmon --remove
    qpcfg --remove

    If the TMTM Configuration Agent is installed, execute Agent --remove from the bin directory of its installation.

    See Running performance and availability monitoring extensions and Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions if you have other stand-alone extensions to uninstall as Windows services.
  7. On z/OS only:
    1. Remove these files:


    2. From your system proclib, remove procs that execute these programs:


    3. Update SYS1.PARMLIB member PROGxx. Remove the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor load library from the APF authorization list.
    4. Delete your TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor load library.
    5. Remove TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor Intercept from the system: /F <QPBTM>,REM
  8. On i5/OS:
    1. Delete library QPASA with the following command: DLTLIB QPASA
      If you used a library name other than QPASA, replace QPASA with the name of your library.
    2. Delete the following objects from the root directory of IFS on the i5/OS:
      • EAA.XML
      • QPCONF.DEF
    3. Delete the following objects from the root directory of IFS, if they exist:
      • qpcfg.lock
      • qpcfg.log
      • qpea.log
      • qpea.lock
      • qpmon.log
      • qpmon.lock
      • QPLog.ini
  9. Remove the installation directories.
  10. Remove the directory specified by the MQS_HOME environment variable.
  11. Remove the setting of the MQS_HOME environment variable.
  12. In the Object Repository tab of the Management Console, select the agent, right-click and select Delete.
  13. The next time you bring the services down, it is suggested to run dbschema_sync to permanently remove any deleted objects.

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