Service administration

The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor services do not receive data directly from the Agent. Rather, they register with the TMTM Topic Service as subscribers for the data that they are interested in. The Agent then sends one copy of each piece of information to the TMTM Topic Service, which then forwards a copy to each registered subscriber. This process minimizes the amount of data that needs to be sent and the corresponding overhead. It also makes it much easier to support new technologies since the bulk of the components are unaffected (a new Extension is simply added).

Although the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor Agents and Extensions do most of the work and require the some detailed analysis when implementing the product, the primary benefit derived from the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor comes from the following Subscriber Services. The subscriber services are so named because they subscribe to and make use of the monitored data published by the Agent Extensions.

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