Running the Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension

The Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension monitors and reports activity from WebLogic servers. The information is then passed to the TMTM Extensible Agent.

For information on installing this extension on the various supported platforms, see Installing the Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension.

If you have not already distributed your TMTM Extensible Agent and monitoring extension files, then do so now. See Distributing the Agent and extensions via the launch page.

Controlling the Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension on Windows or UNIX 

This section describes how to start, stop and otherwise control the Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension.

(UNIX only) The Oracle WebLogic monitoring extension runs as a Java process. If you want to work directly with the process, use the ps command to find the active Java processes.

  1. Open a command prompt and change to the directory containing the distributed files.
  2. Enter the monitoring extension command qpwlmon (Windows) (UNIX) followed by the required command parameter.

    To list all available command parameters, enter:

    For Windows: qpwlmon --help
    For UNIX: ./ --help

    For example, in Windows qpwlmon --start starts the monitoring extension; in UNIX ./ --start starts the monitoring extension.


BEFORE STARTING: Change to the agent installation directory and enter qpea --status to check if the TMTM Extensible Agent is running. If it is not running, enter qpea --start


If you have not installed the monitoring extension as a Windows service, enter qpwlmon --console to start the monitoring extension in the foreground.


Although nearly any shell can be used with TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor, many of the script files are written for the Korn shell.
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