Running performance and availability monitoring extensions

To view a list of application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions and platforms and instructions for installing those technologies, see Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions.

Configuring WebSphere MQ agentless services describes an optional way to manage WebSphere MQ through an "agentless" configuration where no TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor software is installed on the monitored technology host.

Subsequent sections describe how to install extensions on the supported technology/platform combinations. Refer to the appropriate section for your monitoring technology, and then refer to the section that describes the platform in use.

When starting the monitoring process, start the Agent, extensions, and technology in the following order:

  1. Start the underlying monitored technology.
  2. Start the TMTM Extensible Agent and make sure it is running.
  3. Start the extensions.


When stopping the services, stop them in the reverse order so that the monitored technology is stopped last.


When the Agent and services are installed on the same computer, you can distribute the Agent to any directory on the host. However, if the Agent is on the same computer as your TMTM services, BMC recommends that you do not distribute the Agent to the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor services install directory.
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