Retrieving event suppressions for all objects with the CLI

The getall verb retrieves a list of event suppressions for all objects.

The Manage Event Suppression command line syntax is:

manageEventSuppression [options] getall

The following table lists the required and optional parameters for the manage event suppression command tool.




Indicates that this command is adding Event Suppression Periods.

Optional parameters



-? or


Provides a brief help message.

-u username or

--user username

Indicates that the parameter username used for connecting to the services.

-p password or

--password password

Password used for connecting to the services. If -p or -s is not specified, the user is prompted for the password. -p is mutually exclusive with -s.

-s or


Specify password via stdin. This is mutually exclusive with -p.


If -c is specified, the output is in CSV format.


Run the command in debug mode.


Run the command in verbose mode.

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