Recovering a locked profile

Normally a lock is released when you:

  • Switch out of edit mode or change profiles.
  • Change to another tab without making changes.

You might need to unlock a profile if a Monitor Console instance ends without releasing a lock, or if a user cannot log out for some reason.

Be extremely careful using this feature, since you can cause data loss by overwriting another user's changes.

See Locked and unlocked profiles.

To recover a locked profile

  1. Right-click on the lock icon and select Profile Lock Recovery. This might require additional security rights.
  2. Select the user whose locks you wish to release.
  3. Agree to unlock all locks by that user on that host.

To unlock a different user's profile

  1. On the BTM tab, right-click on the profile's lock icon.
  2. Select Profile Lock Recovery. Only Unlock profile lock for other user: should be selectable. This resets the lock.
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