ProactiveNet service (QPPS) configuration

Edit the services.cfg for the TMTM ProactiveNet Service to enable the service, and specify the directory it uses to exchange files with the MTM KM (see The [ProactiveNet_Service] stanza section).

Within the [ProactiveNet_Service] stanza:

  • enable_proactivenet_integration=true
  • update_directory_path=<path to drop off location>

The [ProactiveNet_Service] stanza




Default: one_subscriber_client


Default: ProactiveNetService


Default: encrypted. On startup, the TMTM ProactiveNet Service reads the one-time password in the user's file. The TMTM ProactiveNet Service then chooses a new password, informs the TMTM Application Service, and writes the new password here.


Default: false.

If false, the service logs a message and stops. Use true to enable.


Default: 1800.

How often the service checks for changes to history templates and associations.


Default: 0.

How often the service reads/synchronizes ALL history templates and associations, 0 means only at service start.


Default: true (for new installations or upgrades where the integration was previously not used), false (for upgrade installations where the integration was previously used).

Show the TMTM agent hosts as Top Level Devices in ProactiveNet.


The KM and the service have to agree, and the directory should be empty except for the transport files that the service creates and the KM log. If this is not a directory writable by the service, the service logs an appropriate message and exits. For example, c:\bmtm_dropoff.


Default: 100.


Default: 300.

Controls how often the service checks to see if the KM has requested it to send all the topic values, usually only at Patrol Agent start time.

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