Preinstallation checklist for the agent and extension files

The agent and extensions should not be installed or run using the root user account on UNIX machines.

Before you begin installing the agent and extensions:

  • Confirm whether there is firewall between the agent and where the services are installed. If a firewall exists, configure the firewall to provide access. See Network ports.
  • Identify the Agent installation layout. See Defining your Agent installation layout.
  • For the manual distribution, check that an FTP client (or any other transfer mechanism like FTPS) exists on the services machine.
  • For the manual distribution, check that an FTP server (or any other transfer mechanism like FTPS) is running on the agent machine. An FTP server is not required if the services are on Windows and the agent machine is also a Windows system.
  • Check that agent machine directories exist before distribution and that they are writable and executable.
  • Check that the user distributing the files exists on the agent machine. This user need not be the same user under which the TMTM Extensible Agent runs.
  • Ensure that the user, under which you want the TMTM Extensible Agent and extensions to run, exists on the agent machine operating system. If not, create the user. The user must be a member of the MQM and Administrators groups (or equivalent).
  • When the agent is installed on UNIX:
    • For AIX only, the AIX administrator must ensure that the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor user has large enough memory limits for the application and stack assignment. Determine existing memory limits with the ulimit -a command. If the memory limits do not meet the minimums listed below, increase the limits by editing the /etc/security/limits file, or by using the smit command. When using smit, the size is specified in 512-byte pages.
    • data segment size = 262144 (kilobytes) or 524288 (pages)
    • stack size = 131072 (kilobytes) or 262144 (pages)
      Every environment is different, so you might need to adjust additional parameters or set the soft limits as high as the hard limits or use unlimited, if necessary.
  • When the agent is installed on Windows:
    • For Windows only, make sure the latest Microsoft C++ redistributables are installed. If not, you can install them by running the program which is located in the agent directory vcredis_x64.exe (64bit) and vcredist_x86.exe (32bit). Run both if the operating system is 64bit.
    • The TMTM Extensible Agent can be installed and configured to run in a Microsoft Clustered (MSCS) environment. Contact BMC Support for instructions.
  • When the agent is installed on z/OS:

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