Policies supplied with TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor

TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) provides a large set of sample policies. These out-of-the-box policies contain general monitoring recommendations and are ideal for getting up and running with policies. If these policies do not meet your requirements, you can create your own. Note that because every environment is unique, you can easily copy and tweak the supplied policies. 

The self-monitoring and WebSphere MQ monitoring policies are supplied out of the box. The policies for other technologies such as IBM DataPower, IBM Integration BusIBM HTTP ServerMainView for MQand TIBCO EMS are supplied within mqsimport files within a zip file for each technology in the Samples/EventPacks directory of the BMM Install media.  


When running the upgrade installer, these policies and their child objects will be overwritten. 

The policies themselves are read-only so TMTM prevents the losing of policies that are actually in use. However, these policies refer to history templates and event templates which, in turn, refer to event triggers and event actions. Those child objects, although supplied with TMTM, are NOT read-only and it is possible that the policy definitions in use in your environment may reference those child objects directly.  

As stated in the Upgrading section, TMTM replaces these files during an upgrade. This has the advantage that these event and history templates will remain current. However, if you have changed the event templates, event actions, event triggers, or history templates and left them with the supplied names, these will be overwritten by the upgrade process.  

To avoid the possible loss of work, it is recommended you back up any such modified versions of the supplied templates using the mqsexport command. After the upgrade, you can restore your modified versions using the mqsimport command. It is recommended you copy any such modified objects and adjust your policies to reference your copies to avoid this possibility in future upgrades.

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