Overriding an activity’s association configuration

You might have configured your transaction pathway and activities to be as complete as possible. However, it might be necessary to override the transaction ID, alias ID, instance ID, message format, payload data, or completion criteria for only one of the links for your activity without changing your entire activity. You can do this by clicking a button.

Possible scenarios are:

  • Message format differs: An application receives and XML message on input, but sends a SWIFT message on output.
  • Transaction ID is in a different location: An application uses the msg ID from the MQMD on input, but the correlation ID from the MQMD on output.
  • A common resource, such as a shared queue or broker, is used and the message content can be used to determine either the source or the destination of the message: A single input queue is used to an application, but messages come from two different applications. In the message there is a string that indicates from which application the message came. Therefore each association can be configured to filter using the Filter identifies link checked the message body and filter tell from where the message came.

To override an activity's association configuration

  1. Click the button to the left of the activity association you want to modify. The Association Properties window appears.
  2. Make changes to the association properties. See Working with activity properties for details about fields and parameters.
  3. On the Association Attributes tab, clear the Use the default activity properties option at the bottom and click OK.
  4. An asterisk on the button indicates that the association has been modified from the default configuration.

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