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The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor product enables application specialists and middleware administrators to monitor and manage their middleware applications across multiple technologies and platforms.

  • Following the setup of policies, technology specialists can access end-to-end middleware transaction tracing and analyse historical data to assess trends, enabling them to  anticipate problems before they occur.
  • Customizable dashboards show how captured metrics relate to the application flow, enabling application specialists to assess the overall health of their applications. 

For more information, see the Using and Administering sections 

There are two main consoles used in this product; the Monitor Console, which enables you to set up your policies, configure and monitor your environment, and setup dashboards and views, and the TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA), which enables you to administer your middleware environment. 

TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA) has been rebranded to MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA). Note that TMTM supports TSMA 8.1 and 8.2, and MVMA 9.0.

This wiki includes references to both TSMA and MVMA, as both are currently supported by TMTM 8.1.

The Monitor Console


For further information about this product, see Key concepts.

Product user roles

The primary product roles align with the default roles that define the groups, roles, and permissions granted access to TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor features.

  • System Administrator (installs the product, sets up security)
  • Middleware Administrator (makes middleware changes via TSMA)
  • Product Administrator (sets up events/history/monitoring/etc; typically Middleware Administrator, Application Support or Middleware Developer)
  • Product User (monitors the middleware environment; typically Middleware Administrator, Application Support, or Middleware Developer)

For details about these roles, see User goals and features and Default users and groups.

Product features

TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor features

In the Monitor Console, users define policies to monitor applications and infrastructure, and service models, configure the TrueSight system components, administer security, and set up data collection for TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor and other TrueSight products.

Product documentation

View | Learn | Understand

The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor documentation helps new and experienced users implement or use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

  • To install or upgrade TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor, see the planning and deployment documentation.
  • All users should view and set up a watch on the Release notes and notices page for the latest product information and documentation updates.
  • The FAQs and additional resources page answers questions about how to use this online documentation and directs you to other resources for getting information about this product.
  • For working offline, you can download an Adobe Acrobat PDF of this documentation from the PDFs.

In this documentation, the IBM MQ and MQSeries product is referred to as WebSphere MQ.

Also, this documentation refers to the following IBM products as WebSphere Message Broker:

  • New Era of Networks Rules and Formatter
  • MQ Series Integrator
  • WebSphere MQ Integrator
  • WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker
  • IBM Integration Bus

Documentation sections

Each section identifies the type of information available and links to instructions.

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