Monitoring objects

There are several ways you can register objects for monitoring:

  • Policies: TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor provides a set of out-of-the-box policies that contain general monitoring recommendations. If you simply want to get up and running quickly, use these policies "as is", or see Getting started with policies and Event Packs overview for further information. Note that policies can be tweaked to suit your specific environment.
  • In the Object Repository tab (Monitor Console): From the Object Repository tab, there are two main ways to monitor objects (see also Managing objects). 
    • Right-click on an object and select Register Object for Monitoring. This registers the object and all its ancestors.
    • Select a number of objects, right-click, and select Bulk Registration for Monitoring. This option queries the extension technology to compile a list of objects on which you can select to register for monitoring. This dialog supports the WebSphere MQ extension and the TPF extension. See Registering and un-registering multiple objects for monitoring.
  • Extension Configuration
  • Repomgr
  • qpreg

Generally, all of these methods work when the objects have already been discovered or previously registered for monitoring. However, object discovery is currently supported by the WebSphere MQ extension. Other extensions either register for monitoring all supported objects or you configure extension preferences for the required objects.

Best Practice

Object discovery in combination with the policy action to register the object for monitoring is the preferred method for the WebSphere MQ extension and its objects.


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