As described in Overview of objects, TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) monitors objects, and you can use any of the following methods to monitor them.

All of these methods work when the objects have been discovered or previously registered for monitoring. Once registered for monitoring, object attribute values (such as statistics, state, etc.) are published by the relevant TMTM extensions. These published values can be viewed and presented in a variety of views and dashboards.  

PoliciesUse policy actions as part of a policy to monitor objects. TMTM includes a set of out-of-the-box policies to get you up and running.
Object Repository tab of the Monitor ConsoleThis tab displays objects that are automatically discovered by TMTM. You can choose to register individual objects or a bulk number of objects for monitoring. See also Managing objects.
Extension configurationExtensions can also be configured to monitor objects. Refer to the relevant extension in Running performance and availability monitoring extensions or Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions.
RepomgrThis command line tool enables you to register objects for monitoring.
qpregThis utility program can be used to register objects with a monitoring extension.

Best practice

Object discovery, in combination with the policy action to register the object for monitoring, is the preferred method for the WebSphere MQ extension and its objects.

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