Model SLA Metrics

Configure calculation and publishing properties for user-defined SLA metrics.

The SLA tab provides a summary of essential data (BTM metrics) for a particular transaction pathway and/or sub-paths in the transaction pathway. Examples of the metrics that are published from the SLA monitoring extension during a user-defined interval include:

  • Average transaction time
  • Maximum transaction time
  • Minimum transaction time
  • Number of completed transactions
  • Number of completed transactions with failures
  • Number of incomplete deleted transactions
  • Number of incomplete deleted transactions with failures
  • Number of in-progress transactions
  • Number of in-progress transactions with failures
  • Number of transactions above a threshold limit
  • Number of transactions below the threshold limit
  • Total number of transactions

The metrics are calculated and published for each interval as specified by you. Also calculates running hourly and daily metrics which is also published at each publish interval. In addition, the published topics are useful for triggering in events.
Depending on your SLA needs, there are options on this tab, the Model Attributes tab, and Totals tab that might need to be configured.

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