Manually deploying the runtime toolkit

The runtime toolkit is deployed at initial installation and after any upgrade. It contains the necessary files for your platform, extension, and language (for instrumented applications). After deployment, the runtime toolkit is extracted, installed, and configured on each corresponding technology.

  1. Enter edit mode and click Deploy Toolkit on the BTM tool bar.
  2. Select Runtime Toolkit in the Deploy Toolkit dialog box.
  3. Select the row that contains your operating system, extension type, and language (for instrumented applications).

    See Supported application transaction tracing technologies for transaction monitoring. If a toolkit is not listed, refer to the appropriate technology section in Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions. With some technologies the BTM Extension is included in the TMTM Extensible Agent distribution.
  4. Click Deploy. This saves a jar file named OperatingSystem_Technology_Runtime_Toolkit.jar to your staging directory. Inside of each jar file are other files that must be moved.
  5. Repeat for each technology that you use.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Extract the files from the runtime toolkit.

To install and configure the runtime toolkits

Each runtime toolkit is specific to a technology and installation and configuration is unique to that technology. Refer to Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions for details on each extension type.

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