Manual deployment

In cases where firewalls or other company policies prevent usage of HTTP or HTTPS between the agent and service machines, deployment can be done manually.

Two mechanisms can be used for manual deployment.

  • The deploy dialog box allows you to specify a directory that is populated with the files for manual distribution whenever you activate or deactivate the generated transaction pathway model instance.
  • The btmdeploy command line tool can also be used to populate a directory with the files for distribution. The btmdeploy command line tool should be run on the same machine where it is installed.

When using manual deployment, it is recommended that you use btmdeploy in combination with other automation software such as BMC Blade Logic to ensure the files are distributed and to avoid mistakes in transferring the files.

The deployment jar files are then transferred to the extension machines and made available to the TMTM Configuration Agent by placing them in its manual configuration directory (the location of which is a configurable preference).

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