Managing the agent and extension package distributions with the CLI

The agentdist command tool can be used to manage the agent and extension package and provides the following functions:

  • Lists available packages and toolkits
  • Lists agents and their status
  • Lists distribution status
  • Distributes or removes packages from agents

When distributing packages or toolkits to agents, the agent must be running. If it is not, the distribution (or removal) does not occur until it is.

This section includes the following resources:

Agent Distribution tool commands

The following table lists the required and optional parameters for the agentdist command tool.



--agent-name pattern

A regular expression that matches an agent name, as reported by the agent.

--as-host host_name

Application Service hostname.

--as-port port_number

Application Service port number.


Distribute a package or toolkit.


Lists available packages and toolkits.


List agents (name and status).

--package-name name

Name of the package to distribute or remove.


Remove the package or toolkit.


Displays current deployment status.

--toolkit-lang name

BTM Toolkit language.

--toolkit-name name

BTM Toolkit name

--toolkit-type type

BTM Toolkit type (specify dev for development, run for runtime or sup for support).

--when ""

Time to distribute or remove. Defaults to now. If the time is in the past (when the agent checks for the distribution), it is treated as an immediate distribution request. Most operating systems require this to be quoted.

-? or –h

Prints usage information.


Run in batch mode

Runs the command in batch mode. Without this flag you are prompted to press the Enter key (or to press Ctrl+c to cancel) before the command is processed. This flag disables that request.

-p password


-s or --stdin

Specify password via stdin. This is mutually exclusive with -p.

Examples of how you can use the Agent Distribution command line tool

This section includes examples of how to use the agentdist command tool.

List available packages and toolkits

% agentdist -b -p BMCSOFTWARE SA --list

Distribute the latest qpmon extension to the agent "WMQ_Agent" immediately

% agentdist –b –p BMCSOFTWARE SA --agent-name "WMQ_Agent" --distribute --package-name qpmon

Distribute the latest BTM runtime toolkit for WebSphereMQ to the "WMQ_Agent" immediately

% agentdist –b –p BMCSOFTWARE SA --agent-name "WMQ_Agent" --distribute --toolkit-type run --toolkit-name "WebSphere MQ"

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