Managing events

TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor can automatically:

  • Remove event alerts or send an e-mail update when conditions are no longer true.
  • Clear Tivoli and OpenView alarms or send a second notice so the first notice can be closed.
  • Send an e-mail informing the recipient that no more console alerts exist.
  • Any other action available within TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor

Event conditions are evaluated at every sample interval. When a condition becomes true an event is triggered. Typically, an alert of some sort is sent when the condition first becomes true. After that no other updates are sent, including if the condition changes to false. The ways to automate some aspects of event actions are listed in the table below.

When creating a rule or template, defining a Clear Action is optional. However, you cannot use a delta in the trigger for a Clear Action.



Where configured

Clear action

Can be used to specify an action to be executed when a trigger is no longer true.

Templates tab or Rules tab


Can be used to specify that the associated event actions should be re-executed at the specified interval, as long as the trigger remains true.

Begin Flag property on the Actions tab


Can be used to specify a time period; the trigger must be true for this length of time for the action to be executed. If the trigger becomes false, then becomes true again, the timer starts over.

End Flag property on the Triggers tab


When enabled, the event action is re-executed each time an update is received and the trigger is true, as opposed to only when the trigger goes from false to true.

When Retrigger and Duration are both specified, the duration timer starts over with every update.

End Flag property on the Triggers tab

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