Managing event suppression with the CLI

Event suppression enables you to prevent TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor from sending notifications when event conditions have been met. Such times can occur during routine maintenance, scheduled downtime, or other times. The Manage Event Suppression command line tool allows the user to add, view and delete event suppression periods.

Events are suppressed by object, which means that you must set up event suppression for every object in the system for which you do not want alerts during the downtime. If you select to stop events from firing for an object, then every object under that object is also suppressed.


  • If you suppress events from firing on a queue manager, any alerts that you have defined for queues, channels, or processes are also suppressed.
  • If you select to suppress a node, all events for queue managers, databases, servers, or brokers under that node are suppressed.

You can manage event suppression from either the Monitor Console or the command line interface (CLI).

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To add a single event suppression period

ManageEventSuppression –u SA –p BMCSOFTWARE add BMC-BZDMXV1x!WDTJ!test01 ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost!ComMQSoftwareWebSphereMQQueueManager!ComMQSoftwareWebSphereMQLocalQueue "1/1/2012 10:00 am" "12/31/2012 12:00 pm" NONE

To get a list of all event suppression periods for a specific object

ManageEventSuppression –u SA –p BMCSOFTWARE get BMC-BZDMXV1x!WDTJ!test01 ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost!ComMQSoftwareWebSphereMQQueueManager!ComMQSoftwareWebSphereMQLocalQueue

To get a list of all event suppressions in CSV format

ManageEventSuppression –u SA –p BMCSOFTWARE –c getall

To delete all the event suppressions for a queue manager and its child objects:

ManageEventSuppression –u SA –p BMCSOFTWARE --descendents delete BMC-BZDMXV1x!WDTJ ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost!ComMQSoftwareWebSphereMQQueueManager

The following procedures describe how to manage event suppression from the CLI:

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