Logs and logging

You might be asked by BMC Support to collect and submit TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) log files. You might be asked to install a log configuration file (QPLog.ini) for the TMTM Extensible Agent and monitoring extensions. These files set the level and type of information collected.

TMTM monitoring extensions that are not implemented in Java look for the log configuration files in the following order:

  • the current working directory
  • the directory specified in the system environment variable
  • /etc on UNIX

TMTM writes log files in the following order.

  • the directory specified in the QPLog.ini file
  • the directory specified in the MQS_HOME system environment variable
  • Current working directory (cwd)
  • /tmp (UNIX only) or the directory specified by the %TEMP% variable on Windows (generally, C:\Temp) or LOGINI on z/OS installation PDS

This section includes:

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