License entitlements

License entitlements determine which products you can download and install. The TrueSight Middleware Monitor license entitles you to install and use the products listed under Technical components.

Functional component

Technical components

BMC Middleware Management
  • TrueSight Middleware Monitor
  • TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition)
  • MainView for WebSphere MQ


This license does not entitle you to install the Middleware Monitor agent/extension on the mainframe. This requires a separate license for TrueSight Middleware Monitor (MIPS).

To download the entitled products, go to Downloading the installation files. When logging on to the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website, enter the user name and password that you use to access the Customer Support website.

If you do not have a current license for the components you want, contact a BMC sales representative by calling 800 793 4262. If you cannot download the components, you can contact a sales representative and ask to have a physical kit shipped to you.

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