License add-ons

The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) product is offered through a variety of licenses and license add-ons (LAs). Entitlement to the listed functionality below is based upon the licensed add-ons that you might have purchased as part of the BMC Middleware Management solution. Customers that are licensed to the TrueSight Middleware Monitor and/or TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor LAs (either by new purchase or migration) on the BMC “Simplified” license have access to all the functionality in the product. Customers that did not purchase the BMC Middleware Management licensed add-ons listed are not licensed for the indicated functionality. Regardless of licensing, all features are covered in the included user documentation. 

Products purchased under the BMC “Gold” license (e.g., BMC Middleware Management – Performance and Availability, BMC Middleware Management – Transaction Monitoring) and that have not migrated to the “Simplified” license products, do not have access to the features of the licensed add-ons listed below and must be migrated to the TrueSight Middleware Monitor LA and/or the TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor LA. 

  • TrueSight Middleware Monitor 
    • WebSphere MQ "Agentless" Monitoring and Configuration
    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM/BMM/ProactiveNet) Integration
    • BEM Event Integration
    • DataPower Monitoring
    • MQ Appliance
  • TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor 
    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM/BPPM/ProactiveNet) Integration
    • End User Experience Management (EUEM/Coradiant) Integration Via the BTM HTTP Extensions
    • BEM Event Integration
    • DataPower Transaction Monitoring


The term BTM (Business Transaction Monitoring) used in this documentation and in the product is synonymous with the term TransactionTracing.
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