Key Performance Indicator Trend table and buttons (History view)

The last four columns of the KPI trend table are common for every object type.

  • Attributes – the name of the attribute being displayed on this row.
  • Trend – a set of attribute values for the range specified by the buttons.
  • Threshold Status – an icon associated with the last configured threshold that was exceeded. The tool tip displayed when over this column corresponds to the tool tip associated with the configured threshold.
  • Link to Physical – clicking on this button opens up the physical view for the object.

The tabs at the bottom of the trend table allow you to select the object type. There is a tab for every configured object type. The columns at the beginning of the table differ based on the object type and its hierarchy in the repository.

The initial set of values displayed in the trend column correspond to the last history query performed. The set of values displayed in the trend column are also controlled by the buttons to the right of the table. They control the range of values displayed as well as the time period. Once a period of time is identified, you can also view the corresponding transaction history with the View History button.

The tool tip displayed when over the Trend column shows you the current time period displayed.

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