Introducing transaction pathways

This section provides a high-level conceptual view of the BTM component of TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor and how it is used. It discusses how TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor monitors your technology and applications using the concept of transaction pathways.

A transaction pathway is a visual representation or model of your business process mapped to the technologies that implement it using logical representations called activities. The creation of the transaction pathway model is accomplished using the BTM tab. Once a transaction pathway model has been defined there are many tasks you can perform, including:

  • Retain the details (including payload) of a transaction in history for analysis.
  • Create Service Level Agreements with thresholds.
  • Collect Key Performance Indicators of objects monitored by the transaction pathway.
  • Collect transaction pathway, activities and paths summary metrics.
  • Collect statistics on payload used by transactions.
  • Query the details of a transaction from history for troubleshooting.
  • Create events on Service Level Agreement (SLA) thresholds or SLA metrics.
  • Create reports and view historical trends of SLA or payload metrics.
  • Create customized reports from historical transaction details.
  • Link activities to the performance metrics of your business technologies.
  • Launch an http URL to externally available information using the context of the transaction.
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