Installing the Java EE JMS Destination BTM extension

This topic describes how the main component of the Java EE JMS Destination BTM extension, the BTM Resource Adapter, can be installed in any supported application server (see Installing into WebSphere Application Server). Whilst the details of the installation can vary between both particular vendors application servers and the specific monitoring solution being deployed, the following broad steps are always required.

  • Deploy the BTM Resource Adapter (btmra.rar)
  • Define a connection factory in the BTM Resource Adapter
    • Configure a connection factory
  • Deploy the BTM Message Driven Bean
    • Resolve its reference to the BTM Resource Adapter
    • Declare its JMS message source

The following sections describe how to deploy the simplest possible JMS destination monitoring solution into specific application server runtimes. In each case, the following assumptions are made about the Java EE environment.

  • A JMS destination is configured. This example assumes you have a JMS Queue and Queue Connection Factory configured with the following JNDI Names:
    • jms/BTMQueueConnectionFactory
    • jms/BTMQueue
  • A BTM Model, configured with a Java EE JMS Destination Activity Implementation. That Activity Implementation should be configured to use the following Message Monitor Name in the Extension Details.
    • btmMessageMonitor
  • A deployed and active BTM Configuration.
  • A Java EE JMS Destination Runtime toolkit, deployed from the TMTM Monitor Console.

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