Installing the Apache Web Server BTM extension

This topic describes how to install and uninstall the Apache Web Server BTM extension on Windows and UNIX.

Before you begin

  • Deploy the runtime toolkit. See Working with the runtime toolkit for details.
  • Windows only: Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package by installing vcredist_x86.exe located in the agent distribution directory. This extension is 32-bit and even if your Windows operating system is 64-bit you need to install the 32-bit runtime libraries. You might have already done this for other BTM extension types. It only needs to be done once but make sure the correct version (32-bit or 64-bit) is installed.


Apache Web Server fails to load the library. If you see an event in the Windows Event Viewer System log with a source of SideBySide when you start Apache or the first http request is received by Apache make sure you have installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package as outlined in the installation steps.

To install the Apache web server extension

  1. Copy the following Apache Web Server BTM Extension file into the module directory in the Apache installation directory:
    • Windows:
      • For Apache 2.0: mod_btmapache_2_0.dll
      • For Apache 2.2: mod_btmapache_2_2.dll
    • UNIX:
      • For Apache
      • For Apache

  2. Open the file httpd.conf in a text editor. httpd.conf is located in the Apache installation directory.
  3. Find the section LoadModules and add the following line:
    • Windows:
      • LoadModule btmapache modules/mod_btmapache_2_0.dll
      • LoadModule btmapache modules/mod_btmapache_2_2.dll
    • UNIX:
      • LoadModule btmapache modules/mod_btmapache_2_0.s
      • LoadModule btmapache modules/

  4. Find the DocumentRoot line and, between it and the <Directory/> section, add the following lines:

    btmGroup group
    btmBufferSize btmBufferSize

    group is the name of the Apache Web Server instance you are monitoring. If you have more than one web server running on a given server, each must have a unique value. If you want to have more than one activity implementation for the same web server, each activity implementation would have the same value. In such a case, we suggest using the web server's port. The default if not specifieid is * which matches anything configured on the activity implementation.
    btmBufferSize is in bytes and describes the size of the buffer used to hold requests and responses until they are handled. If a message larger than the specified buffer is encountered, only the amount of the message that fits into the buffer is considered when the message is handled. Typical is 8388608. The default if not specified is 8 MB.

    Prior to version 7.0.00, this extension required input filters be manually defined. You should remove filters with these names: qnami-input, qnami-output, btm-input, or btm-output. They are ignored if present but are no longer needed.
  5. (UNIX only) Optionally, specify the MQS_HOME system environment variable path by adding the line:

    MQS_HOME /path/desired/here

     can also be specified by setting the MQS_HOME system environment variable before Apache is started.

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