Installing BMC Event and Impact Management Integration

To install the TMTM Event Definitions into a BMC Impact Manager Cell

  1. On the Impact Manager host, navigate to the $MCELL_HOME/etc/$CELL_NAME/kb directory.
  2. Copy the BAROC file (bmtm.baroc) provided in the BEM folder on the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor install media into the classes sub-directory of the kb directory.
  3. Edit the .load file in the classes directory, adding bmtm to the list.
  4. Recompile the knowledge base, using the command: mccomp manifest.kb
  5. Restart the cell.

    The TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor event class definitions are now available to the BMC Impact Manager cell.

To configure the TMTM Event Service

This task describes how to configure the TMTM Event Service for integration with BMC Event and Impact Management.

  1. Locate the msend binary in the BMC Impact and Event Management installation.
  2. Make the msend binary available to the user that starts the TMTM Event Service. This typically requires that the binary is available on the PATH of the user. If the cell is remote to the TMTM Event Service, copy the binary to the Services host, and make it available on the TMTM Event Service path.
  3. Set the MCELL_HOME environment variable, if not already set. This allows the msend binary to locate the cell directory. It should point to a directory containing the etc directory for the cell (e.g. d:\Program Files\BMC\Impact\Server).
  4. Make the cell directory configuration available. For a local Impact Manager, ensure the MCELL_HOME environment variable points to the appropriate location. For a remote Impact Manager, the cell directory configuration should be copied across from the remote IM and placed under the MCELL_HOME directory.
  5. Test msend setup by issuing the msend command from the user environment that starts the TMTM Event Service

    msend -n <cell_name> -a BMTM_Event -m "Testing BMTM Integration"

    The event should be visible in the BMC Impact Explorer (IX).


    The Event Information should identity the event class as BMTM_EVENT. If it is listed as Cell Undefined Class, then the BAROC file has not been correctly imported to the cell. If the expected result does not occur the customer should work with their BMC Impact and Event Management administrator to understand and correct the cause before continuing with the TMTM Event Service configuration and testing.
  6. Optionally add an mcell_name property value to the [Event_Service] section of services.cfg. If provided, this is used as the default cell name for the msend command. If no default is provided, then the msend command uses its own default based on the cell configuration. Additionally, an mcell_name property can be provided in each event format. Properties defined in the event format override default values.

    For example to set a cell name of "MY_CELL_NAME", the following property should be set in services.cfg:

  7. Restart the TMTM Event Service.
  8. Test the integration by causing an event to fire in the monitoring environment, and checking the Impact Explorer (IX) console. Note that the TMTM Event Service has to be configured to fire an event based on a condition in the monitored environment before that occurs. Refer to previous sections for information.

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