The diagrams and table in this topic provide overviews of the installation process and links that you can use to access more detailed information about each step. 

The installation processes in this section are suited to the following audience:

  • TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) administrators
  • WebSphere MQ administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Network administrators
  • System administrators for every platform on which the product is installed

When implementing the TMTM product, you can choose between two equally fine installation paths. 

Installation process that uses policies to deploy agents


Installation process where agent configuration occurs after agent deployment


Tabular view of installation process


Review the planning topics.

  • The Planning topics include system requirements, database performance recommendations, security planning guidelines, network ports, and license entitlements.
  • If you plan to use Active Directory Delegate Mode Security you need to know the Active Directory Domain Name and possibly the base Fully Qualified Domain Name from the Domain you wish to authenticate against. Your Active Directory Network Administrator is able to supply this information. You might also need to set up Active Directory security groups to define user authorities. See Configuring Active Directory security.
  • To determine whether to install TrueSight Middleware Administrator, see TrueSight Middleware Administrator integration options.

Obtain the installation files and prepare the environment.

Install the TSMA product.

See the Planning and Installing sections of the TrueSight Middleware Administrator documentation.

Install the TMTM core components and verify the installation.
  1. Ensure that the BMC TrueSight Middleware Administrator service is running.
  2. Have your execution key and corresponding company name.
  3. See Installing the core components of the product.
  4. When using Active Directory for user authentication, configure the Active Directory security mode with the Security Configuration tool.
Configure the system. 

Perform post installation and configuration activities.

Deploy the Extensions and Agents. Install the BMTM Extension Agent.
Verify the installation. Before using the TMTM system, complete the verification steps.

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