History compression

A major performance consideration is the performance of history compression. History compression is the name for the process that converts history data values that have been recorded in one time interval into another, longer time interval.

Consider the following example: a user has requested compression bysumfor a monitored attribute which is set to a sample interval of 60 seconds. The Performance and Availability compression process compresses all of the values recorded at this interval down to a single value for each hour. At the end of 24 hours, 1,440 values are compressed down to 24 values. These values are stored in a separate table. Transaction Management history compression behaves similarly, compressing collected transaction details into hourly data.

The following table identifies when the history compression process is performed and the maximum time it should be required to complete. If compression takes longer than the maximum time to complete, consult with your DBA or call BMC Customer Support.

History compression type

When performed

Max completion time

Performance and Availability


30 minutes

The following table lists some important services.cfghistory compression configuration parameters. For more details, see Defining configuration options in services.cfg.


History compression type


Performance and Availability


Performance and Availability

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