Distributing the TMTM Extensible Agent and extensions

This topic describes how to distribute packages to agent machines on which the TMTM Agent and TMTM Configuration Service have been installed (in order for the package distribution to work correctly, the TMTM Agent must be installed and running). This includes common packages contained in the bootstrap and all extensions. You can use this procedure to obtain extension packages for their initial installation or you can use this procedure to obtain any of the packages after application of maintenance to get the latest software updates.

The common packages included in the bootstrap package or distributed manually are:

  • TMTM Extensible Agent
  • TMTM Monitoring and Configuration extensions for IBM WebSphere MQ
  • TMTM Configuration Agent if supported on that platform
  • TMTM Extensible Agent Preference Tool if supported on that platform
  • JRE if supported on that platform.

If you are updating an Agent Installation with a common package, refer to the Upgrading section.

If you are installing or updating any other package refer to Running performance and availability monitoring extensions and Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions for install and update instructions.

The TMTM Extensible Agent and all other extensions can also be distributed, or scheduled for distribution, via the Package Distributions tab in the Management Console. In this same tab you can also view the status of current or scheduled deployments.

To distribute the agent and extensions using the Package Distributions tab

  1. Click the Package Distributions tab in the Management Console.
  2. In the Host dropdown list select the relevant host. The Distribute Packages section is refreshed with a list of the available packages.
  3. Click on the relevant package to select it, and define a start time and date on which you want to deploy the package. Note that you can press Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple packages.
  4. Click Deploy. The selected packages are displayed in the Update Packages section.

    Additionally, in the Package Status section, you can see the details of the selected packages and their current status. 


The package distribution must be installed and configured following deployment. See Updating the Default Layout installation by applying a bootstrap package.
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