Dispatch priority for z/OS address spaces

IBM recommends that the address space providing service to other address spaces be at the higher dispatching priority than those needing the service. WebSphere MQ provides services to many applications and TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM) relies on WebSphere MQ for information concerning the current state of the messaging environment.

The fact that TMTM provides information regarding the state of WebSphere MQ warrants TMTM being at the same level as WebSphere MQ. If TMTM does not get the information it needs this message appears in the z/OS operator's console: MQS0301W - WebSphere MQ Command Server not responding. If the system load continues to not allow timely monitoring, TMTM indicates that monitoring is ineffective with a severe message.

The agent and extensions should be non-swappable. You should assign the following start order to the agent and extensions: QPEA, QPCFG, QPMON, QPBTM. The stop order should be QPBTM, QPCFG, QPMON, QPEA.

The TMTM Extensible Agent and extensions should all run in the same class, and they should mirror the z/OS queue managers. Further, you should stop the TMTM Extensible Agent and extensions before stopping the queue managers. No harm is done if you do not stop the TMTM Extensible Agent or extensions before stopping the queue managers. Memory allocation should be 4 megabytes or more.

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