Deploy dialog box options

When using manual deployment via the Monitor Console and your local directory is lost for some reason, you can get the deployment files again by selecting the Manual Deployment option of a generated model instance.

Host status

If the status is off only for a particular host, select the generated model instance and then select one of the following options on the host in the bottom pane of the Deploy dialog box:

  • Redistribute Operations: causes the TMTM Configuration Agent on that host to remove all its configurations, retrieve them from the TMTM Application Service, and re-configure itself.
  • Register All: Causes all deployment and activation topics to be re-registered.
  • Republish State: Causes the state to be re-published.

Deployment and Model Instance Status

One more option exists but should not be used unless directed by BMC Support: Deactivate All Model Instances in this Profile with Force. This forces all generated model instances to be deactivated and all TMTM Configuration Agents to remove their configurations for this profile.

Note that if you are using manual deployment, you must manually transfer the deployment files after each of these operations for them to take effect.

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