Defining the TMTM Extensible Agent Checkpoint

The checkpoint.bin file caches updates from the TMTM Extensible Agent to the TMTM Topic Service. If communication between the two is lost, then updates are appended to the checkpoint.bin file. After a connection is reestablished, all updates are sent to the TMTM Topic Service. Refer to Defining configuration options in services.cfg to control when this is reset.

You can limit the size of the checkpoint.bin file using a TMTM Extensible Agent preference. The number is the size of the file in megabytes. Note, if this size is exceeded, updates are lost. Add the following stanza to eaa.xml.

Change the max checkpoint file size.

To change the ping frequency use the command:
agentpref --set-agent Max_Checkpoint_MB n
n is the file size in megabytes.

This preference is not honored by z/OS. Under z/OS, the checkpoint.bin file must be pre-allocated and initialized via job JRTSPXML. The maximum size of checkpoint.bin is governed by that job. Its default allocation is: SPACE=(CYL,(5,2))

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