Defining the Agent installation layout

The Agent and extensions are distributed with a hierarchical layout, with a minimal set of required components provided in the default distribution referred to as a "bootstrap" distribution. This layout is referred to as the Default Layout.

Prior to version 8.0.00, the TMTM Agent and TMTM monitoring and configuration extensions for IBM WebSphere MQ were installed together in a single directory along with any extension packages that could be optionally installed. Referred to as the Flat Directory Layout, this option is useful when transferring files using FTP into a single directory.

You must select the layout to use and refer to the appropriate section (Installing the Default Layout or Installing the Flat Directory Layout). You can select to use a different layout for each agent. For example, you can keep the Flat Directory Layout when upgrading an older agent but use the Default Layout for newly installed agents.

See also Choosing how the Agent installation and services communicate.

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