Customizing thresholds

For the purposes of this section, we will use the BMM_Agent_AddEventTemplate_HighPingTime_BEM Policy Action as an example, but the following concepts apply to customizing thresholds for any of the supplied Policy Actions.

Many event templates, including the BMM_Agent_HighPingTime_BEM, alert when a threshold (either upper or lower) is breached. The supplied policies start with reasonable default values, but you can customize those thresholds for your environment. 

To do this, you first need to map between the Policy Action in your policy and the correct event template. You can do this by looking at the properties of the policy action or by quickly inferring from the naming convention.

For example, the Policy Action BMM_Agent_AddEventTemplate_HighPingTime_BEM acts on the BMM_Agent object type and adds an event on HighPingTime to notify TrueSight Operations Management (BEM). Thus, the actual event template will be BMM_Agent_HighPingTime_BEM (simply removing the AddEventTemplate designation from the middle of the Policy Action name). 

After you have found the right event template, you can go to the Events tab and then select the Templates subtab. Some event templates may have multiple configurable parameters. You can enter the new value for the threshold and then click the Commit button.

Since this event template is a reusable object, all of the events that use this event template will immediately begin to alert based on your new threshold. In addition, you can only have one such threshold applying to all agents. If you want to have different thresholds for different agents, you will need to copy the event template, set different values for each, and then configure your agent policies to use the event template with the appropriate threshold.

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