Creating or modifying a group and granting it permissions

Users are granted access permissions through the groups to which they belong. Before you can grant permissions to users, you must create at least one group and configure its permissions. Then you can assign to the group users who qualify for those permissions.

Open the Monitor Console Security tab to perform this task.

You can quickly create a group by copying a group that has similar permissions as the new group. See To duplicate a group in Duplicating, editing, and deleting users and groups and modify permissions as needed.
  1. In the Monitor Console, select the Security tab. 
  2. Click the Add Group icon on the Security toolbar.
  3. Enter a group name and, optionally, a meaningful description of the group.
  4. If you require users in this group to change their passwords regularly, select Password Expiry and enter the number of days for which passwords are valid.
    Active Directory Security Modes do not support this option as it is managed by Active Directory.

    At the end of the specified time, the passwords for all users in this group expire, and users are required to change their password at the next login.


    If you add a user to a group during a password period, that user's password expires along with the rest of the group. If a user does not log in until after a password period has passed, the user is prompted for a new password at the first login.
  5. Check the permissions for this group.
    You might need to expand the permissions tree to see all permissions. See Default permissions for TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor.


    To select/unselect several permissions of a node in one action, right-click a permission and select either Select all children of this node or Unselect all children of this node. If the tree has multiple levels, only the first level is affected.


    To enable or disable a single permission, click on the icon (the stop or green arrow) to change it.
  6. Click OK on the Group Settings screen.
  7. Click Save Changes on the Security tab and toolbar to add the new group security information to the database.

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