Creating or deleting multiple event or history template associations with the CLI

Using the CLI, you can create or delete multiple event or history template associations in a group. The tool that allows you to do this is a set of files under the general name maketmpltassoc, which is also the name of the command that runs the utility. The name maketmpltassoc is an abbreviation of make template association.

maketmpltassoc is installed with the TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor services.

This section includes:

Back up your database before using the mass template association tool. Do not attempt to associate all your nodes at once. Doing so takes a long time, makes debugging more difficult, and might even lead to association failure. Associate in batches of 20-30 nodes at a time. For your first associated group, start with a small batch to ensure that the process works properly.


For the TMTM History Service, mass template associations are done in batches and the service immediately reflects those changes. For the TMTM Event Service, the updates are done individually, though directly in the database, then the TMTM Event Service is sent a message telling it to reload all of the rules associated with the specified template. See also Working with the subscriber services.

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