Creating an activity implementation

This task describes the main steps in creating (or modifying) an activity implementation. Refer to Activity Implementations tab fields and controls for field reference information.

To create an activity implementation

  1. Open the Activity Implementations tab.
  2. Click New on the BTM tool bar. To modify an existing activity implementation, select it from the BTM Activity Implementations table.
  3. Enter a Name for the activity implementation.
  4. Optionally enter a description of the activity implementation.
  5. Select the hosts on which the activity runs.
  6. In the Activity Extension field, select the technology being monitored. A table of return codes for the selected technology opens.

    A failure return code indicates that the transaction experienced a hard failure at this point and does not continue. A successful return code is informational. If the condition is recoverable, treat it as successful and, if it never recovers, use SLAs with thresholds to identify or act on those transactions.
  7. Open the Extension Details tab and provide the required information. Refer to the appropriate technology or instrumented application section in Running application transaction tracing (transaction monitoring) extensions.

    Each field indicates the type of information required to the right of the field. For example, some fields indicate they are a regular expression or a prefix. Always anchor your regular expressions using ^ and $ to avoid substring matches. For example, matching a single value of abc should use ^abc$ to avoid matching values like HelloabcGoodbye. For a list of items, use a vertical bar, a|b|c. A prefix is either a fixed string, a prefix followed by an * (matches all values beginning with the prefix) or an * alone (matches everything).

    Regular expression and exact match / prefix patterns can also be configured by clicking the ... button.
  8. Validate and commit the activity implementation.


As the resource IDs can come from the repository, previous and current choices are no longer saved in the activity implementation.
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